OREANDA-NEWS  More than 256 thousand questions were received by the end of the year with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russians are asking the president about problems with payments to military personnel in hospitals, the restoration of the "Northern Streams" and the reaction to the failure of subordinates to comply with orders, according to the Moscow-Putin website.the Russian Federation through which the questions are sent.

The President of Russia will sum up the results on December 14, he will answer questions from Russians and journalists live. The questions began to arrive on December 1.

As indicated on the website, more than 256 thousand questions have now been received. They concern both Russia's foreign policy and the state of affairs inside the country. From St. Petersburg, they are interested in what Russia "promises a world in which there will be many states oriented towards each other's mutual interests, but in the absence of poles of power? Who will take responsibility for resolving contradictions and conflicts in a multipolar world where everyone is guided by their interests?" A resident of the northern capital is also interested in when the "Northern Streams" will be restored.

A resident of Moscow asks Putin to deal with the problem of payments to military personnel who are in hospitals. A message came from the Rostov region about the closure of the children's department (hospital) in the Veselovsky district. A resident of the village of Bishtinovo in the Blagoveshchensk district of Bashkortostan asks to asphalt the road from the Blagoveshchensk-Pavlovka highway to Bishtinovo.

A video query came from the Krasnodar Territory. A resident of the region is interested in how Putin reacts to his subordinates who do not follow his orders and instructions, whether there have been cases when the president caught someone lying, and how information from the regions gets to him - whether it is often embellished and how it relates to this.

In the Moscow region, they are interested in housing rental benefits, and a young snowboarder from Moscow asks the president for a trampoline in the capital in order to improve her skills and adequately represent the country at the Olympic Games.