OREANDA-NEWS  Moskvich will produce charging stations for electric vehicles at its plant, they will be supplied both for the needs of the capital and the regions, said Oleg Maslyakov, director of production of the automobile plant.

"We are developing EV in order to be able to develop and produce electric vehicles. At the same time, we are actively involved in the creation of infrastructure. It has already been decided that the Moskvich plant will produce charging stations in cooperation with the Moscow government," he said, speaking at the Russian Industrialist forum.

"We will produce and supply both the urban economy and other regions with charging stations," he said.

The Moskvich automobile plant is located on the site of the former Renault Russia plant, which the French carmaker Renault, which stopped working in Russia, handed over to the Moscow government in May last year (now 50% also belongs to Kamaz). At the moment, there are three models in the line - the Moskvich 3 urban crossover, the Moskvich 3e electric car and the Moskvich 6 sedan.