OREANDA-NEWS  Voronezh Mayor Vadim Kstenin reported the damage caused by the drone crash on Wednesday evening.

"In the morning, damage to one car and nine houses was revealed. There were no fires on them, if citizens need temporary housing, we will provide it. The damage has varying degrees: in some places, plaster has only crumbled, and in some places the damage is serious - windows are broken, entrance groups and outbuildings are damaged. We are continuing our work," Kstenin wrote on his telegram channel on Thursday.

He noted that the authorities will help the affected residents of the city with the dismantling and removal of structures, as well as with restoration.

"The base of our EcoCenter is located in close proximity to the most affected private production, fortunately, no damage has been recorded for it, as well as the warehouse of the landscaping plant, its roof is slightly damaged, it will be restored on its own," the mayor said.

On Wednesday evening, Governor Alexander Gusev announced the suppression by air defense forces and electronic warfare of a Ukrainian UAV over Voronezh. A woman born in 1956 was injured in the crash of a drone. An industrial building was also damaged.