OREANDA-NEWS  The world is undergoing rapid changes, as it will not be before. More and more countries are striving for self-sufficiency, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the leadership of the Foreign Ministry.

He stressed that "the countries of the global South" and the East are coming to the forefront. "The role of Africa and Latin America is growing," the president continued. - We have always, since Soviet times, talked about the importance of these regions of the world. But today the dynamics are completely different. It's getting noticeable. The pace of transformation in Eurasia has also accelerated markedly, where a number of large-scale integration projects are being actively implemented. It is on the basis of the new political and economic reality that the contours of a multipolar and multilateral world order are being formed today. And this is an objective process."

According to the Russian leader, the corresponding process "reflects the cultural and civilizational diversity, which, despite all attempts at artificial unification, is organically inherent in man."