OREANDA-NEWS  The regions will begin to maintain territorial schemes for the management of solid municipal waste (MSW) mainly in electronic form from January 2025. The new management procedure was approved by a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, the press service of the Russian Environmental Operator (REO) reports.

"The new resolution regulates the procedure for the examination of the terscheme, which is conducted by the REO and interested federal executive authorities, and also establishes a new procedure for developing, passing the procedure for public discussion, approving and correcting the terscheme, requirements for its composition and content. The subjects of the Russian Federation will be able to maintain schemes in regional systems or in the federal state information system for the accounting of MSW (FGIS UTKO), that is, mainly in electronic form, which will simplify the entire process and approval of schemes," said Denis Butsaev, General Director of REO, whose words are quoted in the message.

Now the territorial scheme will consist of an approved part (a text document containing basic information about the handling of MSW) and an electronic model that can be maintained both in regional information systems and in the UTKO FGIS. At the same time, the composition of territorial schemes has been brought to uniformity and standardized, which will allow for a better assessment and comparison of territorial schemes, as well as provide the most complete information. The procedure for conducting public discussions of terschem projects will also be conducted on the basis of information systems.

Regarding the examination of tershem projects, REO will be able to evaluate projects for the presence of a shortage of accommodation facilities and replacement infrastructure, the economic feasibility of decisions on the planned location and technical characteristics of facilities, the possibility of achieving the indicators of the federal project "Integrated MSW Management System". Separate sections of the territorial scheme will be updated annually and used in tariff regulation for the next period.