OREANDA-NEWS Moscow condemns Israeli airstrikes in Syria, such actions can provoke a large-scale armed escalation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

The Syrian Defense Ministry reported that on Monday night several people were killed as a result of an Israeli attack on the outskirts of the city of Aleppo, and material damage was caused. In addition, on May 29, the Israeli Air Force struck a residential building in the city of Baniyas in the province of Tartus, which led to the death of a two-year-old girl and injured members of her family, as well as other civilians living in this house.

"Moscow strongly condemns these aggressive actions, which constitute a gross violation of the sovereignty of Syria and the basic norms of international law. Such forceful actions, which in the current tense regional situation can lead to extremely dangerous consequences and provoke a large-scale armed escalation, are unacceptable," the ministry said on its website.

They stressed that the Russian Foreign Ministry "once again urges the Israeli leadership to abandon this vicious practice, fraught with uncontrolled destabilization of the situation in the entire Middle East."