OREANDA-NEWS  Several Russian regions canceled the Victory Day parade on May 9 for the sake of the safety of citizens, says Svetlana Zhurova, first Deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs. 

"Here, each subject is guided by the situation itself. The main thing is safety. Especially in the border regions [it is not necessary] to provoke the other side to do something, bomb or launch missiles — they can also do it at people, they generally don't care. No one wants to take risks, and people themselves will be in nervous apprehension. Therefore, I think people will make the "Immortal Regiment" in a different mode, for example, they will post photos on balconies, there were different ideas on how to participate," the deputy said.

The authorities of several Russian regions have decided to abandon the celebration of May 9 for the sake of safety. The parade was canceled in Pskov, Ryazan, Bryansk and several cities of the Voronezh region. Celebrations in the Omsk region and Stavropol will also be partially reduced. In the Sverdlovsk region, they will be allowed to be held only at those sites that meet safety requirements.