OREANDA-NEWS  According to the results of last year, Russia entered the top three countries of the "Big Twenty" with the lowest unemployment, second only to Japan and Mexico in this indicator, RIA Novosti calculated according to national statistical services.

Unemployment in Russia in December 2023 was 3% — this figure provided the country with an honorable third place among the largest countries with its lowest level. Japan is in the first place of the "rating" (2.5%), followed immediately by Mexico (2.6%).

In total, unemployment below 5% was observed in eight G20 countries: South Korea (3.2%), the United States (3.7%), Great Britain (3.8%), Australia (3.9%) and Saudi Arabia (4.4%). The highest rate was recorded in South Africa — 32.1%.

In annual terms, unemployment fell in 12 G20 countries, most notably in Turkey: by 1.3 percentage points, to 8.9%. And it grew in seven more countries, the strongest in Canada: by 0.8 percentage points, to 5.8%. And only in Japan, the indicator remained unchanged for the year — 2.5%.

As President Vladimir Putin said last week, there is virtually no unemployment in Russia today, it is at a record low and the country will not face this problem in the coming years.

"The dynamics are good. In 2023, unemployment in Russia fell below 3% for the first time, amounting to 2.9%. And in February of this year it decreased even more, to 2.8%," the head of state added.