OREANDA-NEWS  If Estonia closes the border with Russia, Moscow will not respond to it in a mirror way. So in conversation with Svetlana Zhurova, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs, reacted to Tallinn's readiness to prohibit crossing the land border between the countries at any time.

According to the deputy, the land border between Russia and Estonia was most often used for logistical purposes. It was also crossed by citizens of the border regions of both countries for personal purposes.

"We usually just condemn such things, but in response we do not close our borders. Moreover, on the contrary, we are starting an experiment with an electronic visa for citizens — a two-week visa to visit our country will be available for a number of countries. We always respond asymmetrically, I'm sure we're not going to build any obstacles for ordinary people. Let them understand that their politicians are doing these obstacles, and we are not doing them. We are waiting for people to visit us, as we have been waiting and always will be waiting. We can add politicians who make such decisions to the lists, something else, it happens, but not to do it in relation to citizens," the parliamentarian added.

According to Eva Kalmus, head of the Border Department of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department, the country is ready to close checkpoints on the border with Russia at any time. She urged fellow citizens to be more careful with travel, as they risk not returning home. These measures are related to national security in order to prevent illegal migrants from North Africa and the Middle East from entering the country.

In November, the Finnish Border Guard gradually closed all nine land checkpoints on the border with Russia. The country's authorities did this because of the influx of refugees. The measure will be valid until February 18.