OREANDA-NEWS  After Iran's attack on Israel, everyone feared a retaliatory strike that could provoke an escalation in the region. But, fortunately, the blow was not as strong as one might expect. So in a conversation with Lenta.<url>" Israel's response was appreciated by State Duma deputy Alexei Chepa.

"Even the Americans appealed to Israel not to strike back, although the head of the country, Benjamin Netanyahu, immediately stated that a response was inevitable. Iran also said that, in the event of an Israeli strike, they would respond within a few seconds, which could lead to an escalation," Chepa recalled. "But as a result, the Israeli strike was not strong."

The politician noted that it is not yet clear what Iran's reaction to the Israeli attack will be. Nevertheless, there is reason to hope that the severity of the conflict will gradually begin to subside.

"In any case, these were serious steps. Any attacks can lead to the most unpredictable consequences, it is always a big threat," the deputy concluded.

Recall that in the morning three explosions were heard in Isfahan, Iran. According to the Fars news agency, they could have been caused by the reaction of air defense systems to the passage of drones.