OREANDA-NEWS  Former US President Donald Trump has already made many high-profile statements.

"Trump's statement is not a threat, but campaign rhetoric. We are well aware that for the United States, their own interests have always been above all, they absolutely do not care about the other world," Chepa believes.

The deputy recalled that Trump has repeatedly said that if he were president, the Ukrainian conflict would not have happened. He has made many other rather contradictory statements.

"We have heard all this many times. However, for some reason he forgets that the Minsk agreements were ignored and violated during his reign. So it's not worth taking his new words seriously," the politician is convinced.

He also urged not to expect anything good from the US presidential election. The country should rely only on itself and continue to move in the chosen direction.

Earlier, during fundraising events for his election campaign, Trump said that during his presidency he was ready to bomb Moscow and Beijing.