OREANDA-NEWS  In Moscow, at the Perinatal Center of the City Clinical Hospital No. 31 named after Academician G.M. Savelyeva opened the first Women's Health Center. As stated by Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of the capital for Social Development, this is the most important stage in the implementation of the new standard of outpatient obstetric and gynecological care in the capital, within the framework of which a whole network of modern specialized clinics will be created.

"Today, the first such center has been launched at Hospital No. 31. The most comfortable atmosphere has been created here, highly qualified specialists are receiving, and modern diagnostic equipment has been installed. We are sure that each patient of the center will feel a special attitude and an individual approach to her health"
She noted that all women's health centers will be combined into a single structure with hospitals. They will have the widest possible resources compared to the current format of women's consultations. Each center will be equipped with modern medical equipment according to a single standard, and doctors of different specialties will conduct the reception. This will allow you to monitor the health of each patient, taking into account individual characteristics, and "guide" her throughout her life, including periods of pregnancy and childbirth.

"We have paid special attention to the development of a new standard of outpatient obstetric and gynecological care and the creation of women's health centers. A whole network of specialized clinics for women will be organized in the capital, where each patient will be able to receive high-quality medical care within the framework of one medical organization. These are not just new approaches to the organization of the treatment process, this is a new format of caring for Muscovites," said Rakova.

The first women's health center, located on the basis of the GKB Perinatal Center No. 31 (Obruchevsky district, Novatorov str., 3, p. 4.), operates according to the new unified standard of outpatient obstetric and gynecological care. According to the Social Complex of Moscow, the center will apply modern approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases in women, including early detection of cancer, infertility treatment, cervical pathology, benign breast diseases and others. Also in the Center, women will be able to be monitored during preparation and pregnancy and take classes at the school of future parents. There are rooms for radiation diagnostics, ultrasound with expert-class devices, a small operating room equipped with a laparoscopic stand and a hysteroscope and other equipment.