OREANDA-NEWS  The Council of Judges of the Russian Federation will approve the rules for visitors' stay in courts: they will regulate the appearance of visitors, their safety and what documents can be used to attend the meeting.

As Eduard Ermakov, chairman of the relevant commission, explained at the council meeting on Tuesday, over several years of work on the model rules, the wishes of all interested parties - the Human Rights Council, the Ministry of Justice, lawyers, bailiffs and so on - have been taken into account.

"The draft regulates the safety of judges, staff and visitors. There is a list of documents that can be used to go to court, it is specified who can go by official identification," Ermakov explained.

He did not explain the substantive part of the document in an interview with journalists.

Nevertheless, he clarified that the main purpose of the rules is "to minimize the discretion of the employee who is admitted to the court." Therefore, for example, it will contain an exhaustive list of grounds for denial of access to the court.

"Thus, the lack of accreditation for the media is not a reason for denial of access... The bailiff's question, for what purpose you came to court, will be considered unacceptable," the judge noted.