OREANDA-NEWS  The Russian PP-2000 submachine gun has passed a record test. This became known from a video posted on the Telegram channel of Rostec State Corporation.

Judging by the footage, the PP-2000 was able to continue shooting with dirt inside the receiver and in the barrel. During the test, the pistol was thrown on ice, filled with water from a puddle, buried in mud and clay — despite such conditions, the weapon continued to work normally.

Moreover, during the tests, the weapon was moved on an SUV, after which more than 400 rounds were fired from it in a row. Similar tests with a positive result for submachine guns have not been conducted before. "They honestly tried to "kill" him by all available means, but they couldn't," the Rostec article says.

In early January, the pilots of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) positively assessed the new personal weapons received for trial operation - PP—2000 submachine guns included in the portable emergency reserve (NAZ).