OREANDA-NEWS The government of the Sakhalin Region promises to help the Ostrovnaya poultry farm, where a massive bird death occurred and avian influenza was detected. It is planned to resume egg production at the enterprise by early autumn, the press service of the regional administration reported.

"The government of the region will provide assistance to support the vital activity of the enterprise and to purchase an incubation egg and day-old chickens for the speedy resumption of normal operation of the poultry farm," said Inna Pavlenko, Minister of Agriculture and Trade of the Sakhalin Region.

She added that, according to experts, egg production at the poultry farm will be restored in late August - early September 2024, "poultry meat should appear on the shelves earlier." During this period, eggs and poultry meat will be imported in bulk from other regions of Russia.

"We see the concern of the labor collective and people for the fate of our island poultry farm. Of course, we made an unequivocal decision to help her get back on her feet. The Ostrovnaya poultry farm is one of the oldest Sakhalin enterprises. (...) Her work is a matter of food security in the region," the head of the regional government, Alexei Belik, said through the press service. "As soon as the sanitary and anti-epidemic measures are completed, the restoration of the factory will begin."

A checkpoint was installed at the enterprise, the areas were divided into "dirty" and "clean" zones, the dead bird is burned on the territory of the factory.

Since February 9, the governor of the region, Valery Limarenko, has imposed quarantine on the territory of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and two villages of the neighboring Anivsky urban district in connection with the identified highly pathogenic avian influenza at JSC Ostrovnaya Poultry Farm. Quarantine has been introduced for a period up to 21 calendar days after the slaughter of the last bird.

The Agency of Veterinary Medicine and Livestock Breeding of the Sakhalin Region was instructed to organize and carry out the seizure of birds and poultry products at a poultry farm, as well as farm and poultry in a five-kilometer quarantine zone from the borders of the epizootic outbreak in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and in the village of Troitskoye in the Anivsky district. The same agency, on behalf of the government of the region, will have to "organize compensation for damage suffered by citizens and legal entities as a result of the seizure of poultry and poultry products."

On February 3 and 4, a massive bird death occurred on Ostrovnaya. Samples of the patent material sent to the local accredited, federal and independent laboratories, according to the government of the region, gave positive results for the avian influenza virus type "A".

The poultry farm has stopped selling eggs and meat since February 7.

JSC Poultry Farm Ostrovnaya belongs to the Ministry of Property of the Sakhalin Region andIt is the main supplier of eggs in the region. The company produced 250 thousand eggs daily.