OREANDA-NEWS The air defense system will be strengthened in Sevastopol, the governor of the city Mikhail Razvozhaev said on Thursday on the air of the STV TV channel.

"Under the control of our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, very serious work is underway to strengthen - it has already been repeatedly strengthened - the protection of Sevastopol and the entire peninsula (...) Air defense will enhance the work. It is clear that other measures will be taken," Razvozhaev said.

He also explained how the improved missile danger declaration system, which includes notification of the use of ballistic missiles, will work.

"If our air defense forces mark an object that is launched as a ballistic missile, then the signal should be immediate. Technically, this was solved: now, simultaneously with the command for combat operation of air defense systems, the command is duplicated to the remote control via a loudspeaker system without any calls. Now, without distracting the military, our operational duty officer understands that such a threat has been received. He will turn on the notification system without informing anyone," Razvozhaev said.

The governor clarified that a separate simple "ballistics" signal has been developed, which will also sound in the loudspeakers. This signal means that you need to move to the shelter within two minutes. Earlier on Thursday, the governor in his telegram channel had already announced the threat of the use of ballistic missiles in the city.

As a result of the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine using American ATACMS ballistic missiles with a cluster warhead on Sevastopol on June 23, four people were killed, including two children, 153 people were injured, 79 were hospitalized.