OREANDA-NEWS  The development of a plan for the restoration of Mariupol for 2024 has begun, this year the work is being carried out on schedule - 90% of residential buildings are provided with heat, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin said.

"In general, the plan for the restoration of Mariupol is being implemented. We summed up the results of the year and began to make a plan for the next one within the framework of the meeting," Khusnullin wrote on the Telegram channel following the trip to Mariupol.
According to him, heat is already supplied to 90% of the city's residential buildings, and all boiler rooms are running.

"Mostly there were "heavy" objects that were originally planned for demolition, but after a detailed study they decided to restore them. There are about 80 of them. About 30 more facilities will be powered by the middle of the month," the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Khusnullin also said that 500 thousand square meters of facades of houses on central streets have already been restored in Mariupol. The work is carried out by a Single customer in the field of construction according to the master plan of the city. The Deputy Prime Minister also noted that next year it is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of streets and public spaces.