OREANDA-NEWS  In 2024, the entry of new foreign brands into the Russian market will slow down. Kommersant writes about this with reference to experts in the field of commercial real estate.

According to a study by ABC Real Estate, 15 new foreign brands will appear in the Russian Federation this year, while 22 foreign retailers opened outlets in the country a year earlier. CORE specialists.XP expects to open 20 new international networks, Nikoliers — 17.

Since January 2024, stores of eight foreign brands have already appeared in Russian shopping centers. Among them are the Turkish home goods chain Chakra, electronics retailer Tecno from China, cosmetics brand from Armenia 22/11 Cosmetics, as well as clothing brands Ellsay and Baasploa from China, Josiny from South Korea, Laurel from Germany and Rinascimento from Italy, CORE.XP reported. Another 10 companies announced the opening of stores by the end of the year, added Irina Tsarkova, director of the department of retail real estate at Nikoliers.