OREANDA-NEWS In 2025, the Federal Tax Service of Russia will begin to provide social tax deductions automatically, without the need for citizens to submit an application and a tax return, head of the service Daniil Egorov said in an interview with Rossiya-24 TV channel within the framework of the SPIEF.

"Actually, what will happen in 2025: in terms of social deductions - for fitness, treatment, non-state pension provision, we will also switch to a proactive model," Egorov said.

Now, in a simplified mode, the tax authorities provide citizens with investment and property deductions.
"We have tested a non-declaration system for providing deductions using the example of investment deductions and property deductions: when we connect to banks, investment companies, they provide us with data, and we know how much money you have to deduct." – Egorov explained.

In 2025, other organizations will also provide data to the Federal Tax Service for their clients to receive a tax deduction. The Federal Tax Service will post information about the deduction due to the taxpayer in his personal account on the website of the tax service. The recipient will only need to specify the bank account number where the overpaid tax will be transferred to him.

Thus, according to him, it becomes a common service that the tax authority provides to citizens.