OREANDA-NEWS The European Union's refusal to supply energy resources from Russia has led to stagnation of the European economy, inflation and dependence on LNG from the United States. This was stated by Kirill Logvinov, Acting Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the European Union, in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"After limiting domestic energy supplies, the EU was forced to put its economy on a dry ration. Since the autumn of 2022, it has been in a state of stagnation," he noted.

According to Logvinov, "for several quarters in a row, the European Union has recorded near-zero GDP growth rates." At the same time, as the diplomat noted, "the rise in energy prices has provoked unprecedented high inflation in the eurozone."

Earlier, Vladimir Demidov, an independent expert on the oil and gas market, said that Europe's complete rejection of Russian gas would lead to its rise in price, as well as to a struggle for the resource. If Europe abandons Russian gas only for the current heating season, there will be no special shocks, since the season will end soon, the analyst believes.