OREANDA-NEWS The FSB reported on the closure of the precious metals smuggling channel, more than 5 tons of raw materials were seized.

"In 2023, a smuggling channel organized by Russians and foreign citizens was suppressed. More than 5.5 tons of raw materials containing precious metals worth more than 70 million rubles were seized from illegal trafficking," the special service reported on Monday.

The FSB added that on the basis of the presented results of the operational investigative activities of the SU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Khimki, a criminal case was opened on the fact of illegal trafficking and smuggling of precious metals.

The defendants were detained by court order, the FSB noted.

The special service added that from 2019 to the present, as a result of joint operational search activities and investigative actions, four large smuggling channels organized by criminal groups, which included citizens of Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, have been suppressed. More than 42 tons of raw materials containing platinum group metals (platinum, palladium and rhodium) with a total value of more than 530 million rubles were seized from illegal trafficking.

"During the specified period, the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia initiated 19 criminal cases on the grounds of crimes provided for in Articles 171.1, 191, 192, 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. 7 citizens of the Russian Federation have been brought to criminal responsibility. Precious metals worth over 20 million rubles have been converted into state revenue. In the remaining criminal cases, operational investigative measures and investigative actions are continuing," the FSB said.