OREANDA-NEWS  The German Foreign Ministry has summoned Russian Ambassador Sergei Nechaev in connection with the detention in Bavaria of two suspects of espionage in favor of the Russian Federation, Bild newspaper claims, citing its own sources.

"Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock... I summoned the Russian ambassador to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," the newspaper writes. This step is connected with the detention of two men suspected of espionage in Bavaria.

Earlier, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany, at a request from RIA Novosti, reported that it had not received an official notification of the detention of Russian citizens after reports appeared in the media about suspected espionage.

On Thursday, the German Prosecutor General's Office confirmed the detention of two people suspected of allegedly carrying out espionage in favor of the Russian Federation. Earlier, the detention was reported by the publication Spiegel, according to its data, at least one suspect is a Russian German by origin.

According to the Prosecutor General's Office, two suspects, Dieter S. and Alexander Y., were detained in Bayreuth on Wednesday, they are charged with working for the Russian special service. According to the ministry, both men allegedly agreed to conduct sabotage activities in Germany and were ready to carry out explosions and arson at strategically important points, including at American military bases, in order to delay military assistance provided to Ukraine.

Two men are also accused of photographing military installations. Since October last year, Dieter S. has allegedly been in contact with a person associated with the Russian special services, the German Prosecutor General's Office claims. The detainee is also being held in the case of support and participation in a terrorist association, as the investigation suspects him of involvement in military operations on the side of the DPR in 2014-2016, it follows from the text of the message. Since March of this year, Alexander Y. has joined the activities of S., it is further stated.