OREANDA-NEWS  Dmitry Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, commenting on the permission by the Canadian authorities for Airbus to use titanium from Russia, despite the sanctions, said that the Kremlin understands such a selective approach in those areas where, if companies abandon Russian products, they will hardly be able to remain competitive.

The European Airbus Corporation said on Tuesday that it had received permission from the Canadian authorities to conduct operations with VSPMO-Avisma, against which Canada had previously imposed sanctions. The company's statement did not specify how long this exemption from sanctions would be in effect.

"We understand the selective approach, we understand that, according to some parameters, companies in European and other regions will hardly be able to maintain their competitiveness if they completely abandon our products. In such cases, Westerners act flexibly, ignoring conventions," Peskov told reporters when asked what the Kremlin thinks about such selectivity.