OREANDA-NEWS  The water in the Ural River near Orenburg has grown by 32 cm over the past night, according to the telegram channel of the administration of the Orenburg district of the Orenburg region on Thursday.

"At 06:00 on April 11, the water level in the Ural River is 1054 cm (+32 cm from 20:00; the dangerous indicator is exceeded by 124 cm)," the message says.

The authorities are urging the population to evacuate from the flood zone.

Since April 4, a regional emergency regime has been in effect in the Orenburg region due to the deterioration of the flood situation. On April 7, the government commission decided to attribute the flood in Orenburg region to a federal emergency.

The most serious situation is observed in Orsk, and the flood also strongly affects Orenburg. The total damage from the flood, according to preliminary estimates of the regional authorities, may amount to about 21 billion rubles.