OREANDA-NEWS  The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation plans to introduce a federal emergency regime due to abnormal May frosts.

"We will now, we plan to introduce (emergency mode). Let's introduce a federal one. And we will ask the government for fruit crops to compensate (damage from frosts - And C)," Agriculture Minister Oksana Lut told reporters in Tashkent.

According to her, the frosts had a strong impact on fruit trees, especially apple trees in the central regions. "But we will import apples, see where we can bring them from, if the south does not give more," she said. - There may be more to give to the south, we will look."

Commenting on the situation with the prices of strawberries, Loot said that the frosts did not affect these berries much. "There is a certain bias (in prices - IF) anyway, it will be adjusted in June," she believes.

As reported, regional emergency regimes due to frosts are currently in effect in 10 regions of the Russian Federation. According to the Ministry of Agriculture, the replanting of dead and damaged crops is required for 900 thousand hectares.