OREANDA-NEWS  Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant (part of the UAC as part of Rostec) has manufactured and handed over to the Russian Defense Ministry another batch of Su-35S fighters, the Rostec press service reported.

"Multifunctional fighters of the 4++ generation Su-35S have passed a cycle of ground and flight tests in various operating modes and flew from the KnAAZ airfield to the place of duty," Rostec said.

"This batch of Su-35S aircraft completes deliveries of this type of aircraft under the current year's program. UAC enterprises provide the Russian Aerospace Forces with modern aviation complexes in strict accordance with the delivery schedule," the press service quoted the words of UAC CEO Yuri Slyusar.

Slyusar noted that KnAAZ is preparing to transfer the next batch of fifth-generation Su-57 fighters to the military by the end of the year.

The Su-35 is designed to intercept and destroy all classes of air targets in long-range and short-range air battles, fight for air supremacy, as well as to defeat ground and surface objects of troops. The Su-35 is armed with a 30 mm cannon and has 12 suspension points for bombs and missiles. The combat load is 8 tons. The fighter can reach speeds of up to 2.5 thousand km / h, the flight range reaches 3.4 thousand km.