OREANDA-NEWS The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will begin discussing a new strategy of the Russian Post in early March, taking into account the needs of the population, business and marketplaces, head of the Ministry of Finance Maksut Shadaev told reporters.

"Our main task now is to formulate a target image of what the Russian Post is for the state in the medium and long term. To do this, we need to collect the needs of different target groups - what is for the population, what is for business, what is for marketplaces. We will hold such a preparatory session in early March, where we will listen to everyone in order to assemble the target image," Shadaev said.

In early December, Shadaev told reporters that the Ministry of Finance plans to submit a development strategy for Russian Post to the government of the Russian Federation in the first quarter of 2024.

In November, Russian Post was instructed to provide a plan to optimize its work at the expense of its internal reserves by the end of the first quarter of 2024. As Shadaev noted, it was decided to focus on improving the internal efficiency of the company, as well as evaluate internal reserves.

In October, the deputy general director of the Russian Post, Elena Stepina, proposed to consider additional capitalization of the company by 20-30 billion rubles, including to reduce debt obligations. According to her, in the case of issuing credit obligations, the operator needs about 20 billion rubles from the funds of the National Welfare Fund (NWF). Stepina recalled that the company's interest-bearing liabilities amount to 11 billion rubles for 2023.
However, later a RIA Novosti source in financial and economic circles reported that the Ministry of Finance was not considering the option of covering the debts of the Russian Post at the expense of the NWF.