OREANDA-NEWS  Currently, there is a shortage of personnel in many areas, as the labor market is under significant pressure, said Ekaterina Kashtanova, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor of the Department of Personnel Management at GUU. In a conversation with Lenta. She named the professions that are most in demand in Russia now, and those that will be relevant in the future.

"Today, design engineers and designers are in the greatest demand, as well as many working specialties, which, by the way, have been in the top ten of the most sought-after professions for more than a decade, since they are the main pillar of any production, the expansion of which is so necessary today in our country," the expert shared.

Also, according to her, there is a need for specialists in the field of technology, especially biotechnology. In addition, doctors and nursing staff, teachers are needed. There are also not enough workers in agricultural professions: agronomists, animal engineers, agricultural engineers.

"The active construction of roads in Russia and the beginning of new cooperation among Russian enterprises contributes to the growing demand for competent logisticians. Employers also focus on the profession of a business analyst, who helps companies adapt to new realities and effectively use the opportunities provided by the market. And, since new jobs are being actively created, we also need those who will find the right people and create conditions for their retention in the company — we are talking about HR specialists," Kashtanova said.