OREANDA-NEWS  The volume of DDoS attacks on SPIEF portals in 2024 doubled the figures for 2023, cyber attacks were successfully repelled, Igor Lyapunov, CEO of Solar Group, told reporters.

"After June 3-4, when the attackers made unsuccessful attempts to carry out trial cyber attacks, the forum resources ceased to be perceived by them as the main vector of attacks. The SPIEF portals were still subjected to massive DDoS attacks with a capacity of about 200 thousand malicious requests per second, but at present this is not the largest volume, although it is 2 times higher than last year's SPIEF," Lyapunov said.

"All cyber attacks on the infrastructure of the SPIEF and Solar itself were successfully repelled and did not affect the efficiency of the forum's resources," he added.

The third day of the forum was marked by an increased background of attacks on the event's infrastructure. As Lyapunov clarified, the hackers chose the infrastructure of the Solar itself as the main vector of attacks.

"Currently, the infrastructure of regional telecom operators is an additional vector of attacks," the company's CEO noted.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is taking place on June 5-8. RIA Novosti is the information partner of the forum.