OREANDA-NEWS  The plane flying to Moscow with 188 passengers on board abruptly changed course and urgently landed in another place. This is what the Telegram channel "Mash at the Sink" writes about.

An emergency situation occurred with an aircraft en route from Kaliningrad to the Russian capital on Tuesday, April 16. The reason for the emergency landing is a technical malfunction. According to the source, oxygen masks fell out in the cabin of the liner during the flight.

It is noted that the pilots decided to proceed to Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg. At the time of the incident, there were 188 passengers and 8 crew members on board the ship. The landing was successful, no one was injured.

Earlier, the pilot of the Russian airline accidentally spilled tea on the instrument panel on the plane. As a result, the TCAS air collision warning system unit burned down, and a burning smell appeared in the cockpit. The incident occurred on board an Airbus A320 flying from Sochi to Moscow on the morning of April 12 shortly before landing.