OREANDA-NEWS  Fighters of the Armed Forces of Russia seized an armored car of Canadian production Roshel Senator, which was transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU), in Volchansk. The Telegram channel "Military Informant" drew attention to the photos of the trophy.

In the picture, Russian soldiers pose against the background of an armored car. Judging by the photo, the car went to the Russian Armed Forces without damage. Senator was armed with a large-caliber DShK machine gun.

The Senator armored car began production in 2019. The car on the chassis of the Ford F-550 pickup truck received a diesel engine with a capacity of 400 horsepower. The armored hull of the car protects passengers from small arms fire, and the V-shaped bottom allows you to withstand a mine explosion. The armored vehicle can carry machine guns or an automatic grenade launcher.

Earlier in May, it became known that the Russian military seized the THeMIS Cargo robotic platform transferred to Kiev in the area of a special military operation.

In the same month, a Senator was spotted in Ukraine, equipped with solid lattice screens to protect against drones. These structures provide protection for the roof, sides, front and stern of the machine.