OREANDA-NEWS  The State Duma has introduced bill No. 617801-8 on the transfer of seized firearms to be disposed of, one of the authors of the bill, First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council Andrei Turchak, said.

"The seized firearms to be disposed of by the National Guard troops will be transferred to the needs of the special operation," he wrote on Telegram and added that the draft law providing for such an opportunity was submitted to the State Duma by the working group on ITS own.

We are talking about seized, confiscated weapons, as well as ammunition for them, voluntarily surrendered by the owners for destruction. The same thing will happen with weapons deposited by the owners in the Regardie and unclaimed by them for more than a year, the senator wrote.

According to him, more than 70 thousand of the 250 thousand units of seized weapons, which are currently stored in the territorial divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are subject to disposal. As a rule, it is serviceable and can be used.

The bill regulates its transfer to the Ministry of Defense and the Bill regulates its transfer to the Ministry of Defense and Rosgvardiya. The text of the bill says that weapons and ammunition will be transferred "to state paramilitary organizations" in accordance with the procedure established by the government, and will be used "to implement the powers assigned to these state paramilitary organizations."

The authors of the bill were deputies Alexander Khinstein, Vasily Piskarev, Alexander Sidyakin (all from United Russia) and others.

Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Information Policy Alexander Khinshtein wrote in his telegram channel that, "given the undoubted importance and relevance of the bill, we expect that in May it can be considered by the State Duma in the 1st reading."