OREANDA-NEWS  The crew of the Volgodonsk small artillery ship project 21630 conducted firing and practiced protection against marine drones in the Caspian Sea. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

"As part of the planned combat training activities of the Caspian Flotilla, the crew of the Volgodonsk small artillery ship worked out the tasks of a control exit to sea to practice combat training tasks," the message says.

The ship's combat crews worked out the destruction of a single floating mine detected at a distance of 500 meters. The mine was destroyed by fire from a large-caliber KPVT machine gun. The sailors also conducted an air defense exercise, practicing shooting at an aerial target with small-caliber anti-aircraft artillery. At the end of the exit, the crew worked out the protection of the ship from the attack of unmanned boats (BEC) at the sea crossing. The radiometrist detected a group target of three marine drones at a distance of about three kilometers. The training attack of the BACK was repelled with the help of Kalashnikov assault rifles, machine guns and AK-306 artillery installations. It is noted that all targets were successfully hit.

In May, it became known that the Ukrainian BACK Sea Baby, which is used in the Black Sea, was armed with guides for launching unguided missiles.