OREANDA-NEWS  A rare fish was found in the village of Malaya Chenchery in the Kazan district of the Tyumen region. The Amur bindweed was caught by a local resident, reports Ura.ru.

According to local residents, the fish could have been brought by a flood from Kazakhstan. "Who knows what kind of fish I caught yesterday? I swam out in Malaya Chencheri, I took it out with my hands," the man said in a local chat where they discussed the flood. The chat participants assumed that this is the Amur loach, a fish common in Asian countries.

Earlier it was reported that in the Astrakhan region, Russian fishermen caught a rare fish — a golden roach. A post about a unique catch that can be caught in the Russian region every few years was published in the Astrakhan Fishing and Hunting group on the VKontakte social network.