OREANDA-NEWS. Today Oracle announced the findings of two research initiatives aimed at identifying consumer attitudes to new technologies and how their implementation will shape consumer behavior in the years to come. Insights from both the Oracle Hotel 2025 and Oracle Restaurant 2025 highlight that consumers are most willing to engage brands with new technology if they feel that they are in control of their experience and that hospitality operators should be wary of implementing automation without personal service.

«Given the heritage of service throughout the Hospitality industry, we’re not surprised that guests want a continued human connection with their food and beverage and hotel brands of choice, despite the emergence of new technologies,» said Mike Webster, senior vice president and general manager Oracle Hospitality. «Our hotel and restaurant management platforms OPERA and Simphony will continue to be enabling investments given their ability to provide a singular view of how guests engage and interact.»

The Hotel 2025 and Restaurant 2025 reports audited 250 restaurant operators, 150 hotel operators and 702 consumers in February 2017 on their reactions to technology’s role in the guest experience over the next 8 years.