OREANDA-NEWS  The eighth international AI Journey conference — "Journey into the World of Artificial Intelligence" is broadcast in Arabic in addition to Russian and English. According to the forecast of the deputy chairman of the BEAC Alexander Vedyakhin, this year AI Journey can gain up to 100 million views, twice as many as in the past.

The conference is held from November 22 to 24, it is dedicated to developments in the field of artificial intelligence, their role in the development of science, business and society. More than 200 authoritative experts from Russia, India, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UAE, South Africa and other countries will speak at it.

Today, in the format of keynote talks, speakers will talk about global trends in AI technologies, large language models, the use of AI in neural networks and generative models. During the youth track, an open dialogue will be held with young participants of the conference who have already achieved success and continue their bright path in the field of AI. Then there will be lectures by experts in the field of advanced technologies, workshops and master classes.

On November 23, experts will discuss the use of AI technologies in business (AI Journey Business). The discussions will focus on the development of artificial intelligence in transport, industry, medicine, creativity, finance, development, agricultural industry, etc. Recommendation systems, robotics and other areas of knowledge will be discussed.

November 24 is the final day of the conference, the key theme of which will be the role of AI in creating innovative solutions in the field of ESG and for the benefit of society. The ESG track will address the impact of AI on climate, energy transition, biodiversity, education and the social sphere.