OREANDA-NEWS. Ted Galen Carpenter, senior fellow in foreign and defense policy at the Cato Institute, explained why Ukraine is not suitable for the role of an ally of the United States. He wrote about this in a column for the National Interest.

Pro-Ukrainian lobbyists in the United States are convinced that the alliance with Kiev is a strategic asset for any country that is interested in a rules-based world order, the author writes.

"However, this very 'rule-based world order' is nothing more than a convenient cliché that is very easy to use to justify yourself or any of your actions," Carpenter said.

The specialist recalled that the United States has repeatedly grossly violated these norms, forcibly overthrowing objectionable governments around the world. In Ukraine, such a coup in 2014 was carried out with the help of ultra-nationalist and neo-Nazi groups. Carpenter noted that these organizations, with their "ugly values," continue to influence Kiev's politics. Supporters of an alliance with Ukraine try not to notice these facts, the article says.

The author of the material noted the deplorable situation with human rights and freedoms in this country. "Kiev's behavior, which includes unbridled corruption and attempts to silence democratic critics, - this very behavior overshadows the" brilliant "transformation of Ukraine and the bravura stories about it," the columnist stressed.

Carpenter summed up: "And from a moral point of view, the image of Kiev is completely discredited, no matter how Ukrainian lobbyists in the West try to wash it away. No amount of 'varnishing of reality' will help change the sad reality. For the United States, Ukraine is an ally at once both unsafe and unworthy."