OREANDA-NEWS. Dell today announced the debut of three new, interactive display products, purpose-built for active learning, classrooms and conference rooms. The company also revealed Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software solution aimed at bridging the collaboration gap between students and teachers with tools that connect their devices in the classroom. These announcements come as part of Dell’s participation as a Gold sponsor in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 Conference and Expo, taking place June 26-29, at which the company is hosting a slew of sessions and activities united by the theme "What are you going to create today?" The sessions will explore student-centered learning as well as ways technology can be integrated into the classroom to make students feel empowered and more engaged.

To support evolving educational methods in classrooms around the world, Dell is introducing three new, interactive display products built for presentations and collaboration. These products are part of a larger suite of interactive displays offered by the company, which has been named the number one monitor brand worldwide for three years and in North America for 16 consecutive years.

"Educational environments are more interesting when students get to speak up, share ideas, work together and learn the way they want to learn," said Bert Park, vice president of Software and Peripherals at Dell. "These new displays allow students and teachers the opportunity to interact and create, making learning easier and more fun."    

Dell 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor (C7017T)

The Dell 70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor is the company’s first interactive-touch, 70-inch, Full HD (1080p) monitor, developed in response to the increasing demand for Interactive Flatpanel Displays (IFPDs) as a more approachable alternative to Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs). It offers a large touch display for collaboration, with 10-point hand touch plus two included styluses, an anti-glare and anti-smudge coating on the cover glass for easy viewing, and monitor components for clear text and images. To support the needs of teachers, it’s also easy to connect and manage, with multiple ports for plug and play connectivity, an RS232 and RJ45 interface to support remote management, and optional wireless connectivity (WR517 + product link). As a Dell monitor built on proven technology, it also offers reliability and world-class support, backed by Dell’s three-year Advanced Exchange Service and Limited Hardware Warranty2. The C7017T is now available on dell.com.

Dell Interactive Projectors (S560T & S560P)

The newest Dell Interactive Projectors offer a lower-cost alternative to interactive touch displays. These two Ultra Short Throw projectors enable large-screen, interactive collaboration by allowing teachers and presenters to turn virtually any wall or whiteboard into a 100-inch interactive display. The projection displays clear text and images in Full HD (1080p) resolution. The projectors are easy to set up and connect, with plug and play connectivity on multiple devices, the ability to use the classroom’s existing whiteboard and markers, and fast setup and easy calibration.

The S560T features 10-point touch interactivity, allowing students and teachers to write, swipe and draw comfortably. It also allows users to switch seamlessly between using their hands and writing with a stylus.

The S560P features active styluses (IR Pens) to enjoy a natural writing or drawing experience between users and the projected images or programs.

In addition, both products are backed by an extendable, two-year Advanced Exchange Service and Limited Hardware Warranty2. Both the S560T and S560P are available beginning July 12.

Dell Classroom

Dell also introduced Dell Classroom, a new Chrome-based software solution designed to promote more individualized engagement between students and teachers in the classroom. Based on conversations with its customers in education, Dell Classroom was created to foster more engagement and advance collaboration opportunities between students and teachers and student-centered learning.

"We heard from educators and administrators that as more devices were being introduced in the classroom and put in the hands of student and teachers, that there exists a need for easy to use collaboration tools that help with student teacher interaction and engagement to further student-led learning. Based on extensive feedback from students and teachers we have launched a new engagement technology that unites devices and collaboration tools for better interaction opportunities," said Jon Phillips, managing director of Dell Worldwide Education. "Dell Classroom addresses this need, providing custom tools for students and teachers to interact with each other and build a more collaborative and interactive student-centered learning environment through the technology. We’re delighted to provide the software for free to our customers using Dell Chromebooks in schools."

Dell Classroom elevates the Dell Activity Light functionality empowering students to digitally raise their hands or message a teacher privately, helping students that might have reservations or disabilities prohibiting them from participating. Dell Classroom also fosters collaborative learning by enabling teachers to group students randomly or by simply dragging and dropping, and allows students to join forces using Dell Devices. The software-based solution comes with custom user interfaces for teachers and students, both of which provide a Student/Teacher chat feature and a Bulletin Board for important events. The Teacher UI also provides an Activity Drawer helping teachers quickly sort out the students who require assistance. Additionally, the Student UI features group chat and Polling and Quiz capabilities.