OREANDA-NEWS US President Joe Biden called the situation in Ukraine a global problem during his speech at a meeting of the leaders of the countries of the Quadripartite Security Dialogue. According to him, cited by Al Jazeera, the United States will continue to work with partners to give a "global response" to Russia's actions in Ukraine. The President emphasized that international law and human rights "must always be protected, no matter where in the world they are violated."

"This is more than just a European problem. This is a global problem," Biden said of the situation in Ukraine.

Earlier, the assistant to the Russian President Vladimir Medinsky called the true, in his opinion, the goals of the United States, for which they provide assistance to Ukraine. According to him, the White House wants to harm the geopolitical rival in the person of Russia, splitting it into separate subjects, and at the same time enslave Ukraine, turning it into a colony. Medinsky added that the Ukrainian authorities are well aware of what is happening, while the next generations of Ukrainian citizens will pay for the pro-Western decisions of Kyiv.