OREANDA-NEWS. The Latvian National Council for Electronic Media (NEPLP) on Tuesday banned the retransmission of 16 more Russian-language TV channels in the country, including REN TV Baltic and NTV Mir Baltic. This decision was announced on Twitter by the chairman of the council Ivars Abolins.

The ban was imposed on the channels REN TV Baltic, NTV Mir Baltic, Karusel International, NTV Serial, NTV Style, NTV Pravo, Kinomiks, Nashe Novoe Kino, Rodnoe Kino, Indian Kino , "Kinokomediya", "Kinoseriya", "KVN TV", "Kitchen TV", "Box TV", HD Life.

Explaining the move to ban Russian TV channels again, Abolins wrote: "In order to protect the Latvian information space, NEPLP will be strengthened to check all programs in the register of relayed programs and if it detects similar cases, it will act accordingly."

According to the Law on Electronic Media, in order to retransmit a program, a representative of the media owner or representatives of an organization must submit an application to NEPLP to include the program in the list of retransmitted programs in Latvia. The application must be accompanied by documents confirming the right of the representative or owner to distribute the program, for example, a copy of the license agreement or a power of attorney for distribution. The NEPLP said they had not received information about the owners of these TV channels.

On Monday, the National Council on Electronic Media of Latvia decided to ban the retransmission of the Russia-RTR TV channel in the republic for a year. The department motivated this by the evidence of "inciting hatred" found in the 60 Minutes program.