OREANDA-NEWS The creators of Wasteland 3 from inXile announced the imminent start of a closed project testing for contributors in Fig. Those who invested more than $75 during the fundraising will be able to get to the first stage of alpha.

Developers note that alpha is a very early version of the game, every detail of which is still under development. The team will try to release the most stable build possible, but we should expect a “certain number” of crashes, problems with performance and compatibility.

Alpha was primarily created for testing a combat mechanic, in which testers will confront the Patriarch’s child, also known as Psychopath. The player’s characters will already be of a sufficiently high level and will be able to test the transport.

Some gameplay aspects will be blocked - for example, the menu of perks and skills, as well as multiplayer mode. They are not ready yet. Testing will take place on Steam, and the full version will be released in spring 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Xbox Game Pass subscribers on Xbox One and PC will get access to the RPG on the day of its release.