OREANDA-NEWS. Swiftpoint engineers have created a computer manipulator, which is a miniature analogue of a well-known mouse that can work on any surface.  The device, as its developers are sure, will facilitate the use of a computer anywhere.

 The unique gadget is called Tracpoint and is a kind of hybrid of a trackball and a computer mouse, writes the portal "Planet News."  The device is small and weighs only 24 grams.

 The replacement of a conventional mouse was made so that it is convenient to hold it with just three fingers.  And the device’s sensor normally senses surfaces of any type.  For more precise control of the cursor on the side of the gadget there is a trackball.

 Tracpoint is suitable for presentations.  A small mouse easily turns into a virtual pointer that helps you flip through slides, open applications and documents.  The kit comes with special software to configure the manipulator.  The software runs on Windows.