OREANDA-NEWS. Journalist Chris Cuomo, who is the brother of former New York governor Andrew Cuomo, has been suspended from his job at CNN. The network's press office announced the news on 29 November.

Andrew Cuomo has stepped down from his position due to sexual harassment allegations. CNN notes that Chris Cuomo has been suspended indefinitely because he is under investigation. The report claims that the journalist allegedly confessed to assisting his brother during the proceedings in the said case.

"When Chris informed us that he was giving advice to his brother, he broke our rules and we publicly admitted this. But we were aware of the special position he was in and understood that he needed to prioritise family over work. However, the documents indicate a greater degree of involvement in his brother's affairs than we knew. As a result, we have suspended Chris indefinitely until further notice,"- a CNN spokeswoman said on the company's website.

Earlier materials released by the New York State Attorney General's office showed that Chris Cuomo, in correspondence with the governor's secretary, agreed to collect necessary data and also prepared texts of public responses to the charges for his brother at his own initiative.

In August, New York State Attorney General Letitia James released a report confirming allegations of harassment by Mr Cuomo. Following the publication of the investigation, US President Joe Biden announced that Mr Cuomo should resign. The governor, who denied the allegations, soon stepped down. The new governor, and the first woman ever to hold the post, is Cathy Hocul.