OREANDA-NEWS. Researchers from the company Wandera has refuted the popular myth that marketers of large technology corporations are listening on smartphones, with apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. It is believed that the wiretapping is carried out in order to give users the most relevant contextual advertising.

To do this, we used two smartphones: Samsung Android and iPhone iOS. The device was placed in a separate room, where for half an hour was played the is food for Pets.

At the same time in the other room housed two other smartphones, and in this room did not have any sounds. Half an hour later, the experimenters checked, has this changed or is in smartphones, and also studied the performance of battery consumption and consumption of Internet traffic.

For more accurate results the experiment took three days. At the end of the study were not found, additional advertising, and the increase in the consumption of bandwidth and battery indication in both groups smartphones were the same.