OREANDA-NEWS. Former Rada deputy Yevgeny Muraev said during a conversation with subscribers of his YouTube channel that Ukraine may not live until 2050.

The former parliamentarian recalled the difficult economic situation in Ukraine, because of which there is not enough money in the country to operate, in particular, the social sphere, which causes discontent among citizens, which, according to the politician, could lead to confrontation between Ukrainians.

"Here Kuleba (Ukrainian Foreign Minister) shouts that the Russians have issued 490 thousand passports in Donbass. And how many Romanians have issued passports? And the Hungarians? And how many cards of Poles have been handed out? See all those countries that claim our misfortune. When will we start friend killing a friend, they will begin to save us together. Taking away their ethnic population, remembering that before the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, Galicia belonged to Poland, until 1945, Transcarpathia - Hungary. there will be such a piece. What year is 2050? We will not live to see this, if we do not start dealing with our country, if we do not revise the rules of the game within the country, if we do not bury the conflicts and set ourselves a common goal, "Muraev complained.

According to the politician, the problems of Ukraine can be solved by the federalization of the country. According to the ex-deputy, it is easier and more profitable for a large country with common legislation, but with broad powers in the regions to interact with neighboring states.

The former parliamentarian called the unitary structure of the country a trap laid by the founders of modern Ukraine. Muraev stressed that this form of state organization is not suitable for a country "with such a history and territory." Muraev named Russia, Germany and the United States as examples of successful and stable states with a federal structure of the country.