OREANDA-NEWS. Alleged Russian hackers from the REvil group, which is suspected of a massive cyber attack on the American IT-company Kaseya, demanded a ransom of $70 million for unlocking the data encrypted as a result of the hacking. The corresponding requirement was published in the REvil block on Monday, July 5. A cybersecurity expert from the firm Recorded Future assessed the requirement as genuine, noting that REvil has been running this blog since 2020.

As a result of one of the largest cyber attacks committed for the purpose of extortion, the work of thousands of different companies has been blocked worldwide since the afternoon of July 2. The REvil group hacked the Kaseya VSA software interface tool and installed a malicious update, as a result of which thousands of customers of this American company suffered: hackers blocked entire accounting systems by encrypting data.

Companies in Europe also suffered from the REvil attack. According to the Federal Office for Information Technology Security (BSI), thousands of computers are blocked in Germany.