OREANDA-NEWS. In South Sudan, nearly one hundred people have fallen victim to an unspecified disease. It is reported by "BBC" with reference to the World Health Organization (WHO).

According to the broadcasting corporation, the death toll is 89. WHO sent a research team to Jonglei State, where the highest number of deaths has been reported.

“We decided to send a rapid response team to conduct a risk assessment and investigation. They will be able to collect samples from sick people. According to the preliminary data we received, 89 deaths were recorded, ”said Sheila Baya from WHO.

The country's health officials said the cause of death was not cholera, adding that the most deaths were in the region, which was hit hardest by floods in August.

As noted by the BBC, WHO specialists will have to get to the affected areas by helicopter, since it is impossible to reach them by land.

Earlier it was reported that a new virus called "yezo" was discovered in Japan, capable of causing acute fever. You can get infected with the "yezo" virus through tick bites.

Earlier, on October 21, it was reported that at least 165 children died in two months in the area of Gungu city in the southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) from an unknown disease.

It is noted that the children suffered from fever, which causes anemia. At the same time, according to doctor Jean-Pierre Basache, the disease resembles malaria, which is also characterized by fever, but the new disease has a stronger effect on the human body.