OREANDA-NEWS  In the UK, they are concerned that the Russian international news agency Sputnik and the RT TV channel are overtaking Western media companies in terms of broadcasting coverage and influence, according to documents published on the website of the British Parliament as part of a study of the financing of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC.

"Today, RT and Sputnik are broadcast all over the world ... The global spread of international operations by Russian (media - ed.) is perhaps greater than that of Western ones," says a document submitted to parliament by the British Association for International Broadcasting.

It is noted that in order to expand the coverage of broadcasting, Russian state media distribute content in several languages. Thus, the British authors of the report draw attention to the fact that RT broadcasts in Spanish, Arabic, French and German, while Sputnik leases airtime from local media companies in the United States and other countries, the association points out. In addition, a number of agreements were concluded on the development of Sputnik and RT activities in Venezuela, Syria, Mexico, Guatemala, India, Pakistan and South Africa, the document says.