OREANDA-NEWS While testing a new method of DDoS attack, the Killnet hacker group "broke" the website of the US Federal Tax Payment System for several hours. This was announced in the WE ARE KILLNET Telegram channel, Gazeta.ru reported.

The hackers conducted the attack for several hours. During that time, the US Federal Tax Payment System changed its DDoS attack protection provider from Flexential Corp. to Cloudfare in an attempt to counteract the attacks, but it did not help, so the site was returned to the original provider.
The U.S. site is now up and running.

The pro-Russian group Killnet has in the past declared war on the hacker group Anonymous and 10 countries they believe are pursuing anti-Russian policies. Killnet's list included the United States, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. The hackers assured that their actions were aimed only at the governments of the states, but not at civilians.

Earlier, the Ukrainian energy company DTEK was subjected to a cyber attack, as a result of which hackers from the XakNet group gained access to the management of its infrastructure.