OREANDA-NEWS. Die Welt newspaper readers criticized the idea of ​​creating an EU training mission in Ukraine. The publication published material with comments from politicians on this issue. The conservatives came out in support of the initiative, the representatives of the "Alternative for Germany" and the "Left" spoke out against it.

The mission in question is called the EU Military Advisory and Training Mission Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany called on the European Union to begin its deployment as soon as possible.

Readers of the newspaper reacted negatively to the idea. Many felt that Germany had enough problems of its own and compared Ukraine to Afghanistan, where the NATO mission had failed.

“This is a conflict that we must stay away from. In fact, Ukraine is a failed state neighboring the EU, ”says Max S.

Other commentators agreed with him and reminded that Ukraine is neither an EU member nor a NATO member.

“Every EU partner must stay away from this conflict. Afghanistan should be a lesson for the EU, ”wrote a reader with the nickname Michael W.

“Germany first of all. Ukraine is not our problem. We have enough of our own, ”said another commentator named Martin M.

Another user recalled how NATO trained Afghan troops to fight the Taliban (the Taliban is a terrorist organization banned in Russia). “This mission was far from successful. Where is the confidence that it will turn out better in Ukraine? " - he wrote.